Spa Leisure Area

Opera Hotel & Spa leisure area features

  • A sauna (80° – 90° С) and a steam room (48° С) , both providing an experience and a wonderful way to sooth and relax the spirit, mind and body, to release toxins and negative energies. Advised length of stay 5 -10 minutes.
  • A relaxation pool (23 m2) with a cascade and an underwater massage as a relaxing and peaceful exercise. The water temperature is heated till 32° С.


  • For outside visitors: 21 EUR  (1,5 hour) (children 3-12 y.o.* free of charge)
  • For guests of Opera Hotel & Spa in Riga:  10 EUR (1 hour) after included time:
  • For guests of  Economy & Standard rooms – 1 hour every day from 9 - 11 or 15 - 17
  • For guests of  Superior rooms – 1 hour every day at any time  during SPA working hours
  • For guests of  Junior Suite rooms and Mansard Suite rooms – unlimited visit any time during SPA working hours

 * Children under the age of 12 are permitted to use the indoor pool only accompanied by a responsible adult. The adult is responsible for the child’s safety.

Number of guests using Spa Leisure Area at the same time is limited.