Rasul Treatment 

Rasul clay therapy

What is a Rasul Treatment? A Rasul is a traditional Arabian cleansing ritual, which will leave spa lovers feeling pure and calm, their skin beautifully exfoliated. The pampering experience takes place in a private temple under a thousand stars. Different muds are applied to specific areas of the body, while you inhale steam delicately infused with pure herbs (reputed to cleanse the respiratory system). The ritual ends with a warm tropical rain shower pouring from the dome to wash the muds away. Fantastic way to relax in a spa.

Preparation and adjusting to the warmth

As a treatment’s first stage, we highly recommend to warm your body some 10–15 minutes in the middle temperature steam room.

Mud application and herbal steam

When you are prepared, you enter the steam chamber and start to apply different-coloured muds all over the body with circular movements, simultaneously massaging the body. The temperature in the chamber is kept hot, up to 42 degrees Celsius, and the herbally infused steam is gradually issued. Continue your mud massage using a circular motions throughout. This helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and to eliminate toxins, increasing blood circulation and softening the skin.


After 20 minutes in the herbal steam, you will be sprayed with an automatic showering system. This washes off the mud and leaves your skin feeling softer, warmer and better than ever. And remember, this feeling will be with you from tip to toe, as this is a whole body experience unlike any other. You may take a second, optional shower.

After care

After undergoing the treatment, you should rest for about 20 minutes. The best way to do this is by wearing a bathrobe and relaxing on a heated bench. You need to use a good moisturizer and drink plenty of water. Check out also our  Spa Longevity Menu for special Spa cocktails


Firstly, it enables you to enjoy a valuable time with your partner or indeed a close friend. Many spa experiences are for one person only, but this one is intended for two and is therefore a wonderful way to reconnect with someone you love. Secondly you will benefit from a complete top to toe treatment, instead of focusing on just one area of your body. If you feel that your skin needs some tender loving care, this is the perfect way to ensure it gets just that. The warming Rasul thermal mud combined with the steam sinks into your pores and cleanse them, while the shower at the end ensures you leave the chamber feeling better than ever. Finally, you can be assured that your mind will benefit as much as your body. If you often feel harassed and stressed, this is the perfect way to let all those feelings go. You may find that the feeling of tranquility you leave with, accompanies you for several days, allowing you to sleep better and feel more relaxed every day.


  • 40 min for 1 person 26 EUR
  • 70 min with back massage for 1 person 51 EUR
  • 100 min with full body massage for 1 person 76 EUR
  • 40 min for 2 persons 52 EUR
  • 70 min with back massage for 2 persons 86 EUR
  • 100 min with full body massage for 2 persons 146 EUR
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