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For over 55 years, BABOR has worked with estheticians to create individualized professional skincare ranges of the highest quality, delivering luxury, innovation and results.
BABOR’s focus is on delivering a firsthand experience, described by three distinctive key words: luxury, innovation and results. Leave your cares and let yourself to be cared by the luxury of BABOR products. Experience a sensual wellbeing and pamper your skin.
BABOR skin care system includes: CLEANSING CP providing a gentle, deep-pore cleansing without any feeling of tightness.
It was back in 1955 when Dr. Michael Babor affirmed that naturally pure oils and water cleansed the skin in a more gentle yet thorough way than all other known methods.
Featuring the very best active ingredients from the nature, the BABOR classic HY-ÖL® is proving its relevance now more than ever.
SKINOVAGE PX containing everything that skin needs to protect itself against UV and environmental damages. The skin is protected against free radicals, enhancing the cellular ability to absorb and process valuable active ingredients. It is tailored to your skin condition and is free of parabens and mineral oils.
The products are designed for different skin types: SKINOVAGE PX Vita Balance – for a combinationdry skin SKINOVAGE PX Perfect Combination – for a combination and oily skin.

SKINOVAGE PX Calming sensitive – for a sensitive skin SKINOVAGE PX Advanced biogen – for a tired skin in need of regeneration SKINOVAGE PX Sensational Eyes – for the sensitive eye region SKINOVAGE PX Pure – for a blemished skin SKINOVAGE PX Intensifier – for every skin type – for an extra degree of care FLUIDS FP valuable natural ingredients in their most highly concentrated form.
Whatever your particular skin needs at any time, BABOR FLUIDS FP ampoules are a powerful cocktail, with results instantly seen and felt. BABOR offers Anti-Stress Fluids, Purifying Active Fluids, Multiactive Vitamin Fluid and an Anti-aging series.

DOCTOR BABOR with its innovative, high-performance formulas sets the highest possible standard in the field of cosmetics. Science dedicated to beauty delivers visible results and precise solutions. DOCTOR BABOR is an effective skincare solution for the most common beauty problems.
DOCTOR BABOR offers a range of the following product groups: BIOGEN CELLULAR – promotes intensive cell regeneration DERMA CELLULAR – effective solution for the most common skin problems NEURO SENSITIVE CELLULAR – innovative solutions for a dry and very sensitive skin BODY CELLULAR – solutions to problematic areas of the body BABOR MEN is precisely tailored to the needs of male skin. It protects it against shaving irritation, is easy to use, absorbs fast and – above all – makes grooming efficient.
Skin looks smoother, is well protected and reacts less sensitively to environmental influences. Looking good is a statement of modern masculinity.

Babor Spa

BABOR SPA product line has been designed considering the latest trends in lifestyles. With more focus on relaxation, people can value more an exceptional overall sense of well-being with a lasting effect on the skin.  

Based on those trends BABOR has developed 4 Spa product lines which not only offer a fabulous aromatic experience and relaxation, but are also potent agents for skin improvement.

Shaping Body Care series with a discreet fragrance to enhance well-being, for firm, toned skin and a refined silhouette. Protects against premature skin aging and environmental stress.

Invigorating Body Care series with an energizing scent with notes of fruity mandarin and bitter fresh lime. Delivers intense moisture and restores radiance to even a dull-looking skin. Protects against premature skin aging and environmental stress Balancing Body Care series with a warm, woody scent, enveloping the guest with a sense of well-being. Promotes smoother and more supple skin. Strengthens the skin’s defensive functions and protects it against premature aging and environmental stress Relaxing Lavender Mint Body Care series is an indulgent body care series with a modern, calming fragrance with notes of lavender and mint. Intensely moisturizes the skin, wrapping it in nourishing nutrients. Skin takes on a relaxed, calm, even appearance. Protects against premature skin aging and environmental stress.