Weather in Riga, Latvia

Riga Yearly Weather Summary

Riga weather is generally cool and cloudy for most of the year, while winters (December to March) are cold and snowy. Average low temperatures can dip to -8°C in January. Summer (June to August) is short, but generally warm. Average daily highs in July are around 22°C, but can reach as high as 30°C on certain days.
Riga, the capital and largest city of Latvia, enjoys a humid continental climate.


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During summer, from June till early September, Riga becomes hot and humid with the average high temperature of 23°C. Although the season can be marked as rainy season since it receives abundant of rainfall, it is one of the best seasons to visit the city. July is the wettest, hottest and sunniest month of the year when Riga gets around 100 mm of precipitation, 24°C of average high temperature and more than 310 hours of sunshine. However, as the season progresses temperature falls dramatically as the average low in September stands at 9°C.


Winter in Riga brings chilly days for people, especially for the tourists who are not habituated with European winter. Throughout the period Riga gets very poor level of sunshine as December sees not more than half an hour of sunshine per day. January and February are considered as the coldest months of the season when the average low stays at -8°C. Moreover, sudden rainfall may spoil your plan to visit outdoors. According to the experienced tourists, May – August is the best time to visit this city blessed with natural beauty.

Source: www.yr.no