Riga for families with Kids

Things to do with kids in Riga

Riga is perfect for families with children because there are many things to do with children in any age. Below is a list of things to do in Riga with children recommended by  Opera Hotel & Spa in Riga. Also some main events in Riga for children you can find  here.

Līvu aquapark

At Līvu aquapark you can spend wonderful sunny days with your whole family, and since its inside, come any time of the year, you’ll be guaranteed a warm.
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Riga Zoo

Riga Zoo is not just a regular zoo: it houses more than 3,000 different kinds of animals, birds and reptiles.It is fun to visit zoo any time of the year because Spring is the season for love when birds and animals are singing songs for each other; Summer is the time when most animal babies are born; in Autumn the newest generation of animals are learning the ways of life; In winter the visitors can peacefully explore the indoor exhibits and attend the “Tropical month” events in February.
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The Latvian Puppet theatre

Shows are fun for the whole family and is a good window into Latvians culture as well. Theather includes world and Latvian literature classics, most beautiful fairy tales, performances with favorite characters and contemporary literature. The Latvian Puppet Theatre is only a short walking distance from  Opera Hotel & Spa in Riga.
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Riga National Opera

Come together with all the family to Riga National Opera and choose from the repetoire what you want to see and make a gift for all your family. Riga National Opera is close to  Opera Hotel & Spa.
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