Great news - "Opera Hotel & SPA" has joined the international loyalty program "Lyoness". Get money back with every purchase and other bonuses.

“Cash back with every purchase” is the Lyoness motto.  With thousands of local, regional and international merchants and millions of members in more than 40 countries, Lyoness has become the premiere global shopping community and loyalty program! Shoppers enjoy multiple ways to shop and earn cash back – online, in-store with their Lyoness Cashback Card and with merchant gift cards.


How does it work?

Your shopping benefits with Lyoness

We love shopping and believe that it should be fun! That’s why you get double benefits every time you shop with Lyoness, as well as having the chance to benefit when your friends shop too. With Cashback, Shopping Points and the Friendship Bonus, the Lyoness Shopping Community offers you numerous benefits free of charge, which you cannot get anywhere else

1. Cashback – Money back with every purchase

You receive money back with every purchase at more than 60,000 Lyoness Loyalty Merchants with a total of 300,000 Cashback Points where you can shop or use services. Regardless of whether you shop with the Cashback Card , Voucher or shop online At "Opera Hotel & SPA" yo u receive 4% of the purchase value back to Lyoness account ! As soon as you have accumulated 10 EUR, the Cashback will be transferred to your personal bank account. It’s so simple to receive money back for shopping every time you shop with Lyoness! You can see how much Cashback you have accumulated at any time in your profile .


2. Shopping Points – double the savings when shopping!

In addition to Cashback, you'll also receive Shopping Points for every purchase you make with Lyoness. Shopping Points you can exchange for one of the Shopping Point Deals offered by Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. When you redeem your Shopping Points, the attractive discounts make the price of your chosen items even better. This way you can shop and still save money! 

As well as collecting Shopping Points for shopping at Lyoness Loyalty Merchants, you will also receive them as a reward for certain activities. For example, signing up to the Lyoness Newsletter will earn you one Shopping Point to use on Deals. 

At "Opera Hotel & SPA" you recieve 4 Shopping Points for each 100 EUR purchase, for example, have a massage for 50 EUR and recieve 2 Shopping Points.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the Lyoness Newsletter now! There are many other ways to collect additional Shopping Points. Just wait and see!


How to become a Lyoness member?

1. Sign up for Lyoness FREE OF CHARGE

2. Recieve your Cashback card valid in more than 40 countries

3. Shop at Lyoness members receive money back on every purchase and save Shopping Points

So simple!

Sign up for Lyoness


Encourage your friends to take part in the Lyoness Shopping Community too! Each friend you register at Lyoness earns you a Direct Friendship Bonus of 0.5% for each of their purchases at a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant.


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