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Kids club

__thumb_-2-o hotel o .jpg Kids club at Opera Hotel & Spa

To please our little guests, Opera Hotel & Spa have created __thumb_-2-o%20hotel%20o%20.jpg Kids Club.

We have seriously thought over how to keep the children busy & happy and let the parents enjoy their relaxing and peaceful holidays in Riga.


__thumb_-2-o%20hotel%20o%20.jpg Kids Club includes:

  • Special check-in for children, at which we will hand out a special __thumb_-2-o%20hotel%20o%20.jpg Kids Club ID card
  • A box with toys as surprise in the guest room
  • Menu for children at Opera Hotel & Spa restaurant
  • If the parents will have a meal at hotel’s restaurant, the children can show his/her __thumb_-2-o%20hotel%20o%20.jpg Kids Club ID card and receive a free of charge milkshake or cacao or a glass of soft drink upon choice
  • Spa treatments for kids
  • Special accommodation package for family


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