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Hotel History

In 1880, a wealthy merchant and Riga Guild member called Jacob Berkholcs bought a lot on the corner of Troņmantinieka Boulevard (nowadays Raiņa Boulevard) and Marijas Street from the city authorities. Soon after, he filed a request for permission to construct a brick building on the property. In this request, architect Janis Fridrihs Baumanis confirmed his willingness to assume the duties of the head of construction. All went as planned and within a year the building was finished. A year later, a project for a fundamental adjustment of a roof deck was approved.

After his death in 1894, Jacob Berkholcs estate was inherited by his widow, Elizabeth Wilhelmine Berkholca, who continued to adjust and develop the building.

Elisabeth Wilhelmine Berkholca died in 1927 and the estate passed to her children and grandchildren. Municipal records show that in 1933, a committee has discussed a submitted draft to refurbish the facade of a five story residential building on Raiņa Boulevard 33rd owned by the Berkholc family. Later on, Leo Berkholcs requested a permit to alter the building by adding wooden partitions to the restaurant housed in the hotel, called quite descriptively the Bellevue.

In 1938, the hotel Bellevue had two common dining rooms and a guest library with a office on the first floor, as well as number of rooms for the hotel manager. There were 71 single rooms and 3 double rooms on the top floor. Later on, building works for a stone balustrade lining the restaurant’s entrance commenced.

During the German occupation, Raiņa Boulevard was renamed Alfred Rosenberg Avenue and due to that the restaurant Bellevue had its name changed to Alfred Rooster (Alfrēds Gailis). In 2008, Estonian based chain-brand Nordic Hotels expanded their business to Riga and a four-star hotel, the Nordic Hotel Bellevue opened in the building. It had been equipped with spa facilities and offered a wide range of different treatments. Nordic Hotel Bellevue featured a restaurant, bar, fireplace and two conference rooms.

In 2010, the four-star hotel continued its activity under the current name  Opera Hotel & Spa.


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